We are what surrounds us

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From our education to our moods to our health and wellbeing, we are each shaped by our environments. The importance of design is directly linked to the role our environments play in shaping who we are and who we become, with the values of society following in parallel. At the same time, there are those that create the environments that shape us. Mariano Fortuny was one such creator, his work continuing to influence luminaries and design leaders to this day. Intrinsically knowing the importance of environment, he willed the many aspects of it into existence – from the furniture to the textiles to the lighting to the artwork to the instruments he used – to help him achieve his desired results for atmosphere, workflow, and output, always in search of capturing, reflecting, and interpreting light.

So much of the human existence is internal. We believe art is the external expression of that experience that helps open us up to a deeper awareness of the human condition. Words strung together in a specific sequence have the ability to influence our thinking and change how we view the world and ourselves. Architecture is the art of space, proportion, and materials, fundamental to how our lives interact and function with our environments. Photography captures a moment in time, while painting and sculpture transform time with color and shape, both inviting us into a dialogue and exploration. Fashion and film add the art of motion to tell a story.

Artists are sensitive beings, and, as such, they have an innate ability to tap into our collective human consciousness and express our truths in ways that bring comfort and inspiration, and, at their occasional best, positive change and enlightenment. Nick Cave put it best when he said, “Art is the agent best equipped to bring light to the world.” We believe it is essential, if only as a way to remind us of, and deeply connect us to, our humanity. The body and brain may belong to the sciences, but our soul and heart’s desire belong to the arts.

Fortuny The World of Interiors shooting

The World of Interiors

Styled by Gianluca Longo
Photographed by Giulio Ghirardi

Apollo - Deep indigo & scarlet

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